The Basics of Carpet Cleaning

There are two general methods of carpet cleaning: dry scrubbing and steam cleaning. Dry scrubbing uses a special machine equipped with brushes to scrub soil and other compound particles from the carpet. These methods require less water and are suitable for lightly soiled carpets. Unfortunately, they are not recommended for deep-soiled carpets because the powders and residues can build up in the fibers of the carpet, causing dust in the home and damage to the fabric.

Carpet Cleaning

The main difference between dry scrubbing and rotary carpet cleaning is the type of equipment that is used. Dry scrubbing involves the use of a high-powered rotary machine. This machine uses absorbent pads to work on the dirt in the carpet. This method is often not recommended for sensitive surfaces like furniture. It can leave a residue behind, which can lead to wrinkling and odor problems. It is also not recommended for heavily-soiled commercial carpets.

The most important factor in carpet cleaning is the quality of the solution. A cleaning solution formulated by the manufacturer should be used to remove stains. A carpet cleaner with a seal of approval (SOA) should use a high-quality shampoo. The shampoo should contain a mild soap solution and not use any chemicals. Always start at the farthest point from the doorway, and move backwards to the entrance. Then, make sure not to over-wet the carpet and let it dry for six to twelve hours before stepping on it.

Dry cleaning involves the use of effective chemicals that lift dirt from the carpet. The chemicals used must not be too harsh or too mild, as these can cause damage to the fabric. In addition, thirty to thirty percent of carpets in Australia are made from wool. Some detergents that are too strong can cause harm to wool fibers. Another factor that increases the chemical activity of the detergents is warmer temperature. These factors can affect the quality of the cleaning process and lead to uneven drying.

Whether you decide to get your carpets cleaned professionally or hire a professional cleaner, it is vital to follow certain rules to keep the carpet clean. You should also remember that cleaning your carpets can’t be done without a vacuum, so it’s better to hire professionals who specialize in the task. It is not advisable to attempt to clean your own carpet. The carpet will only be dirty if it is not properly vacuumed.

When hiring a carpet cleaning service, be sure to ask about the types of products they use. Ensure the company uses safe, effective cleaning chemicals. Many professionals prefer to use encapsulation or extraction to avoid the risk of damaging the fabric. The process may involve the use of powerful chemicals. However, if the cleaners don’t know how to properly handle the shampoos, it might cause the carpet to become discoloured. This will affect the appearance of the carpet, and it might even affect the quality of the cleaning.

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